How to host a website without a custom domain name -

Host a website without a domain name
How to host a website without a domain name

Host a website without a domain name:

  1. Find a hosting provider who provide sub-domain with their hosting plan
  2. Create a account on this service provider
  3. Choose & purchase a hosting plan
  4. Login to your dashboard
  5. Create a sub-domain & launch your website

Can I launch a website without purchasing a domain name?

Are you want to know how to create a website without purchasing any domain? The simple is "Yes", you can create and launch a website without purchasing a domain name. Instead of purchasing a domain you can use a sub domain to create & launch a website.

But we don’t recommend to use sub-domain. Because if you create a website with sub-domain, you cannot get the full access of your domain. Because a sub domain is a part of a main domain. So the main control of this type of domain is on main domain provider. That's why you we don’t recommend to use a sub-domain. The other reason, why we don’t recommend to use a sub-domain is that It's very long. That's why your users con not be remember your domain or your website. But If you know all of this things & you don’t have enough investment to buy domain name so you can go with a sub-domain.

How to get a free sub-domain

Many companies offer sub-domain, like think '' is a site and they provide free sub domain, than the sub domain url will be

Most of the time this type of services provided by the hosting company. Many free webhosting site like,,,, etc. Here you can get free web hosting with free domain/sub-domain.

Free hosting plan with a free domain or sub-domain

There are many websites or companies who provide a free web hosting with sub-domain.


Blogger is a absolutely free blogging platform that's offers free web hosting and sub domain. Blogger is a easy to use blogging platform, which is offers by Google. Millions of people start their blogging career with this blogging platform.

Blogger offer "" sub domain. You can get unlimited resources to run your websites with blogger platform. You also can get a free ssl certificate with this platform. Even you can buy a custom domain (Example and pont it with your site.

Blogger also offers free setup fees and absolutely free upgrade cost.

There are a small eco-system of 3rd party Blogger customization services, but this all are optional and outside of Blogger’s platform. Even you can do blogger customization by your own

Blogger offers absolutely free hosting service, which handles speed, Security & technical hosting issues.

It's also supports RSS feed. It defaults to comments. It focused on the latest posts. Blogger has focused on allowing anyone to quickly publish a full, rich piece of content to the Web for anyone to access.

You can create you website with blogger platform with this simple way :

  • Sign-up or sign-in on with your google account.
  • Create a username
  • Create a website
  • Get a domain (that available)
  • Setup a blogger template
  • Customize your website
  • Get ready for blogging


Wordpress is the most popular website builder platform.

It's very important that don’t confused in with is a CMS (Content Management System) and is a blog hosting service.

Wordpress offers free subdomain "" ( Example : It also offers custom domain registration. It comes with free ssl certificate. It offers free and paid theme. It also offers many free and paid plugin.

Wordpress main features :

  1. Offer free domain
  2. Comes with free theme and plugin
  3. Upgrade for custom domain registration
  4. Pre-installed SSL certificate
  5. 3GB free storage
  6. Performance optimization, seo tools & more via jetpack


Wix is a trusted website builder who also allow users to create a website for free with extension. Wix becomes more popular within some few years for budget busting market package.

Wix known as a web leading site builder service wich is the most affortable because getting started is absolutely free. Wix offres an excellent drag-and-drop site builder facility to create a website with wix site builder. Wix offer onebyear free domain with its most if the plan.

Wix main features:
  1. Started for free
  2. Free domain with most of the plan
  3. Drug & drop site builder
  4. Many free template
  5. Huge market place
  6. 14 days guarantee money back
  7.  500mb - 20gb disc space
  8. Domain transfer facility

Can I host a website without purchasing a domain name?

We have answered this question affirmatively by this article. By getting free sub domain which is provided by free hosting services, you can launch your website.

You can create a website for free by this sub domain. But if you want to blogging in a long term, you should buy a custom domain. In addition of you seo benefits you definitely use a custom domain.

Here are some few reason why you should use a custom domain name :

  • Branding: Sharing your site URL with another companies like Wix or WordPress dilutes your own brand. Don’t split visitor's focus.
  • Credibility: If you are creating a professional website on another company’s subdomain, your visitors will probably think you are either unable or unwilling to invest in yourself. Is that the impression you want them to have?
  • Email: Create a professional email address that leverages your website domain instead of the one-size-fits-all solutions like Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, or even (shudder) Hotmail.
  • Ownership: By owning your own domain, you have control over what happens to your website. You can create your own subdomains, or decide to move to another host.

Given how many affordable web hosting plans include a free domain registration and massive discounts for your first year, getting a custom domain name seems like a very reasonable purchase — especially given all the upside. Sure, you can save a few pennies in the short run by going with a domain name, but what about your long-term legacy?


If you want to create a website to learn blogging or if you want to test it you can go with free sub-domain. But if you want to create a professional website and you want to go with long term blogging than you should definitely buy a custom domain name. By purchasing a domain name you can get full control of your domain or your whole website. So in my opinion if you want to create a professional website and you are serious on blogging than you definitely go with a custom domain name.

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