How to host a website on | Popular Bangladeshi web hosting company -

How to host a website on | Popular Bangladeshi web hosting company -
How to host a website on Web Host BD

Are you want to create a wordpress website? If the answer is YES than web hosting is a very important things for you.

And A question definitely comes to your mind "what will be the best web hosting for me?".

If you want to buy a Bangladeshi web hosting than Web Host BD can be a good choice for you. But in this case, also a question can come to your mind. The question is "How to buy a web hosting from Web Host BD?"

If you have any problem to buy a web hosting from Web Host BD or if you wants to know how to buy web hosting from Web Host BD than this article is for yours.
After reading this article you can buy & host a website with Web Host BD hosting provider.

All about Web Host BD

Web Host BD is a popular Bangladeshi web hosting & Domain name Provider. This popular web hosting company, providing fast & secure web hosting since 2012.

Web Host BD is popular to all for It's fast & reliable domain & hosting services. More than 3000+ Bangladeshi websites hosted on Web Host BD hosting provider.

Why you choose Web Host BD web hosting :
  • Best & cheapest web hosting plan
  • Various payment methods like BKash, Roket, payoneer, skrill, Paypal etc.
  • Free Backups
  • Optimized C panel
  • 24/7 supports via email, phone & skype.

Web Host BD main features :
  1. SSD web hosting
  2. 1 click installation
  3. Cloud Linux OS
  4. Free site builder
  5. Optimized Control Panel
  6. Cheapest & best hosting plan
  7. Optimized software
  8. LiteSpeed web server
  9. Free SSL certificate
  10. Weekly Backups
  11. Server level protection
  12. Software auto updates
  13. Unlimited sub domain
  14. Unlimited Email accounts
  15. Unlimited Database
  16. 99.99% server up-time
  17. 24×7/365 supports
  18. 30 days 100% money back

Now, It's time to buy a hosting plan from Web Host BD hosting provider. Are you ready?

1. Select a Hosting Plan :

Web Host BD is a popular SSD cloud web hosting provider. Web Host BD provide shared web hosting, VPS web hosting, premium web hosting, Reseller web hosting & Dedicated server.

How to host a website on | Popular Bangladeshi web hosting company -
Premium web hosting plan

So, First you should decide which hosting server do you need. Are you decided?
If yes. Than follow the next steps.

2. Buy Web hosting :

To buy web hosting, firstly select a hosting plan & enter the "Order Now" button.

You will be redirect to this page.
How to host a website on | Popular Bangladeshi web hosting company -
If you already have an existing domain name, than you choose the third option. Or if you have another Web Host BD account & you purchase a domain name and you want to transfer this domain name than choose the second option.

But if you don’t have any domain name than you can choose first option & you can purchase a domain name.

After completing the domain name, you need to choose billing cycle Annually, Biennially & Triennially. After that hit the "Continue" button. Or if you want to check your cart you can click the "View Cart" button.

After that you will see your product list that you selected to purchase. Than you need to login your account. If you don’t have an account, you can create account by filling up the new customer form.

After that you need to choose a payment option & you will get your hosting plan in invoices section. And now you need to finish the payment process & your hosting plan will be on.

Once you activated your hosting plan, you logged in your Web Host BD hosting C panel. Once you are logged in you need to install a website builder to start building your website. You will see 1-click installs and next to it WordPress.

Click WordPress if you'd like to create your website via WordPress CMS. If you want to make your website with something other than WordPress, click on 1-click installs. When you do a bunch of site builders and content management systems will pop up for you to choose from to make your website for the remaining of this tutorial.

I'm going over how to make your website in-depth with WordPress, as this is the most popular website building platform select WordPress. Next you need to choose your domain name.

You can pick it from the drop-down leave the box next to it, where it says directory blank. Now just click Next. Now we'll say blog title, you want to put in the name of your site. There enter the admin username, password and other information to use for when logging into WordPress.

Next check the automatically create a new database and check that you agree to the Terms & Conditions. Once you do that, click the Install Now button.

You will now be redirected to a installation complete page that lists out your WordPress login credentials. Now you need to enter your domain name at the top of the search engine and put a slash wp-admin just like you see here :- (

This will take you to the wordpress login page. For your site, You'll receive an email with a link from Web Host BD, with a login URL. As well once you log in, you'll be in the WordPress dashboard, where you can begin in creating your site towards the top you will see your site title and if you hover over it, you will see view site click either one and you will see the WordPress default theme currently being used.

Now you just need to customize the site and make it look however you would like.

Now go over a basic wordpress tutorial to help you learn a little about WordPress. When making your website from the wordpress dashboard on the far left, you will see tabs hover over them and get to learn them.

Post, where you can add new post. Pages, where you can add new pages. The media tab, where your images will show that you upload to your blog. Comments, where you can view comments people leave on your blog.

Appearance, where you can change the look of your theme or change your theme to another one or a premium theme. Select themes, when you hover over appearance it will showcase free wordpress themes that you can choose from. If you select the most popular, it will show you the most popular free WordPress themes. Hover over a theme and click install. Once, It is done you will see a button where you can select activate to make the theme your WordPress theme.

You should also see Add new theme, on this page, this is where you can add a new theme. If you got it from another site or is a premium theme (A great place to get premium WordPress themes is theme forest). There You can get ready-made professional wordpress themes.

If you don't want to bother with designing your site etc.

Another great site if you need help with designing your customizations in WordPress is You can hire freelancers for tasks that you need done for as low as $10 per task. Fiverr is another great resource where you can get tasks done for just $5.

You've successfully set up WordPress on Web Host BD. Now, You can start creating your website with Web Host BD.

Alright guys thanks for interest & reading my Web Host BD hosting tutorial on How to host a website on Share this blog post with your friend's, relatives & people who want to know how to purchase a Web Host BD web hosting & launch a wordpress website.

If you have any queries, you can ask it on the comment section. Thank You All.
Have A good day!!!

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