How to choose a perfect web hosting provider in 2020 -

Important things that you should remember when you choose a web hosting for you business or website :

  1. Determine which type of website you want to create.
  2. Read some reviews about your web hosting service from their previous customer.
  3. Go with minimum 99.7% uptime guaranteed hosting provider.
  4. Keep remind which type of hosting plan are you need.
  5. Figure out your web hosting requirement and than start searching for web hosting provider.
  6. Go with a fastest web hosting service.
  7. Looking for a web hosting provider that provide you a powerful and organised cpanel.
  8. Compare prices with several hosting service provider.
  9. Should choose a hosting provider who has an expertise who can help you to fix any critical issues with your hosting service.
  10. Should choose a hosting provider who provide daily backup facility.

How to choose a perfect web hosting provider
Choose Your Perfect Web Hosting Provider

Now, Internet technology are growing day by day. With this, websites become more popular from us.

If we want to know something, we just go to a browser, enter our queries, hit the search button & get the result from a website.

To make a website accessible, we need a online place or space. And this place or space are called hosting server.

A hosting server is made by many powerful computers. We can create this hosting server for our business or websites, but it will become very costly. So some companies create a hosting server and sell this server to a website owner.

So, if you want to launch a website, you definitely need a hosting service. Isn’t it?

After purchasing a hosting plan for you website or you business, you should consider some important things. In this article, you will know how to choose a perfect web hosting.

 1. Choose a topic to create a website & launch it online?

After choosing a hosting plan or a hosting provider, you should determine which topic you want to target to create a website.

Because different type of websites need different resources. That's why, they need different hosting plan.

Different type of website consider different type of resources. Such as some type of website handel millions of traffic but they don’t need many spaces, they only need to handel this traffic.

But some of the website have minimum amount of traffic, but the website are very heavy. This type of website need many resources. What type of website you want to create?

So, we can not handle all type of website with same hosting plan. That's why many hosting provider offer some specific service to handle a specific website.

When you choose your nich, you will know which & how many resources are you need. If you want to create a single page website than you can choose the cheapest web hosting plan which don’t allow many resources. Because with this website you don't need many resources.

But if you want to create a online store website, you definitely purchase a powerful & costly hosting plan. Because with this site you need many space, resources & 99.9% uptime.

Generally to create a online store website, people buy a dedicated server.

So, to choose a perfect web hosting provider, firstly you should determine what type of website you want to create.

Are you determine your topic?

If yes, than get ready for next steps.

 2. Which type of web hosting do you need?

Before you start to search a hosting service, you should know what you are looking for.

Hosting companies offers many hosting services by customers necessity. If you have a huge amount of traffic or want to create a professional online store than definitely you need a huge amount of resources.

But if you have a little amount of traffic or you want to create a portfolio website than you don’t need many resources or space.

So both of the customer don’t need a similar resources. That's why hosting companies offers different services or servers for different customers. Such as shard hosting, dedicated hosting, woocommerce hosting service etc. If you want to know more about hosting services than you can read this article.

3. Understand which features and resources do you need?

New web hosting customers are naturally drawn to providers and plans that offer maximum features for a few dollars. Instead of looking for the most attractive hosting provider, you can find greater hosting happiness by looking for a service that suits your specific needs.

Businesses may prioritize email functionality over stores, for example, when a developer may prefer a higher bandwidth rate and stricter protection.

The features of the web hosting might be confusing for the beginners & hosts providers sometime use confusing lingo. You don’t need to worry about unlimited storage, bandwidth, and email accounts but you should understand the various hosting features & limitation that provider might impose.

More Things & resources you should consider when you launch a website

 1. Domain name Registration :

I know Domain name registration are not connected with hosting service. But to launch a website both are important, & without any of the item, you couldn’t launch your website.

Your domain name means you website address and can be registered & hosted with a different company than the one which hosted your site.

 2. Email address & inbox :

Email hosting applications especially for business owners who want notoriety and name recognition for including domain names in email addresses to hosting providers often include advanced email features such as forwarding and filtering services, self-correcting and enhanced protection for clients who need several tools .

 3. Storage & RAM :

Storage, or disk space, is probably the easiest hosting feature to understand, as well as that component you probably need to worry about the least.

Many shared hosting providers offer unlimited storage; While this may not be technically possible, most private or small business site owners will not come close to reaching the limit.

Storage can be configured on your go as you go to VPS and dedicated plans.

The biggest thing when it comes to web hosting storage is a little short name: SSD.

Solid-state drives are much faster and more reliable, but they come at a higher price.

Conventional hard-disk drives, on the other hand, are more common in unlimited plans because they usually bring higher capacity.

Like your personal computer, web hosting RAM works for the same purpose: processing stored data quickly.

The hardware interacts with your storage drive to speed up page load times, and many consider RAM to be the most important feature to consider when choosing a host.

 4. Bandwidth & Data transfer :

Bandwidth accounts for the amount of data downloaded or uploaded from a website, which also affects the performance of your site.

Called data transfer, it's about how fast bandwidth can get visitors to your site's information - the higher the bandwidth, the more people can see your site.

Again, most hosting customers will get a lot more bandwidth than they used in a given month, but increasing your data transfer limit is a surefire way to increase.

 5. Uptime rates & readability :

Your site being accessible every second can mean hundreds of missed sales opportunities, damaged brand reputation and lost productivity.

Amazon Web Services spent an estimated three to four hours on expensive services in early 2017, costing companies an estimated 150 million.

Most hosts guarantee a certain amount of uptime and will pay you for unplanned outjets outside of the service-level agreement.

Guarantees typically range from 100% to less than 99% although most partner hosting customers will find themselves completely happy with the ultra-normal 99.9% uptime threshold. Larger businesses, however, may prefer to pay a premium for a few extra nines.

 6. Security & supports :

Although the security of a website depends largely on the behavior and password strength of a website among other features, the hosting company's infrastructure may present one of the biggest weaknesses.

More than 40% of websites are compromised due to a host's weakness, so be sure to look for providers of firewalls, monitoring services and other security add-ons.

You can also consider for automatic backups and hands-free WordPress updates.

After all of this thinks, you are ready to choose a perfect web hosting provider.

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